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Travel Asia with Timeshares

Take an adventure ride down the Yangtze River, tower over the streets of Peking in a high-rise, explore Tokyo’s flashing downtown, mellow out in Bali, buy gorgeous silks in the Philippines — anywhere you go, Asia has flavors, colors, sights, and experiences unique unto itself. And it’s not possible to lump all of Asia together. Although Asia denotes countries located in the same section of the world, it is an enormous area encompassing every climate on earth, a tremendous number of cultures, and the largest populations.

One of the best ways to travel such a vast and intriguing area is to rent timeshare there. If you rent timeshare, you will be able to go from location to location without having to buy timeshare. Another option is to do timeshare transfer, or to exchange timeshare. An excellent resort group to work with is RCI. RCI timeshares are located world-wide and have extensive listings in Asia, including China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, and the Philippines. Find great timeshare brokers who can help you to buy timeshare, rent timeshare, sell timeshare or exchange timeshare. Keep in mind some of the perhaps lesser-traveled but very intriguing areas such as Bali, an island which is part of Indonesia, because they also have timeshares. Check with your timeshare brokers about timeshare transfer and see if you can do a timeshare transfer with someone who owns a timeshare in the part of Asia you are interested in.

Again, if you’d like to see what timesharing is all about, or you just want to hold on to the timeshare you already own, try to rent timeshare. It’s easy if you check with the right advertising company. An online company with good internet reach will pull in thousands of interested timesharers, whether they are looking to rent timeshare, sell timeshare, buy timeshare, or exchange timeshare. Another stellar name in the business is, of course, Marriott Vacation Club timeshare. They have the marvelous Phuket Beach Club in Thailand. This resort claims the number one spa in Asia, 2 pools, a Kid’s Club, 6 restaurants, topped off with traditional Thai hospitality.

Check for good timeshare tips on Jason Tremblay’s blog. He is an experienced timeshare owner and reseller who has been involved with timesharing for decades. If you would like to travel Asia, check his blog for information that will help you to find Asian timeshares and navigate your way there. Another resource is to work with timeshare brokers who are familiar with Asia, Southeast Asia, India and Pakistan, etc. They can help you to rent timeshare or to do a timeshare transfer. Travel Asia in style, with class, comfort, convenience and service with your Asian timeshare. Focus on RCI timeshares and Marriott timeshares and you are sure to do well. Transfer your RCI timeshare or Marriott timeshare to anywhere else in the world, and you will be pleased with the amenities, but to travel Asia in style, pick a great Asia timeshare.

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