The Island of East Timor

Submitted by The C Channel

A newly established nation, East Timor, in Southeast Asia, is a country in extreme transition. A lush inland with rugged mountains as a backdrop, the countryside of East Timor is amazingly beautiful and distinctively appealing. But recovery from recent unrest and military occupation created an uneasy atmosphere for visitors.

The weather tends to be extreme with very wet and very dry seasons. The north coast offers very hot temperatures while the lowlands provide a cooler stay with slightly cooler temperatures. Even though the mountains are warm to hot during the daytime, the nights are decidedly cooler and more comfortable.

Dili, the capital of East Timor, has transformed from a laidback and sleepy town to a bustling and emerging city. The waterfront with its banyan trees, tempting beaches, and bustling roads, is a center for activity throughout the day and night. Snorkeling, fishing, and diving are popular activities.

East Timor, an island with its early heritage carved in stone and drawn on cave walls, has led a tumultuous past. Its close proximity to major trade routes drew travelers from all areas of the world, including the Chinese, Portuguese, and Dutch. Travel is somewhat limited and does not include public bus or passenger barges.

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