Thailand - A Place of Jewels

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The jewelry industry in Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia, once limited to a few, small jewelry shops, is now home to a multitude of jewelry businesses. Thailand, never having been ruled by Europeans, has developed the jewelry trade into a profitable enterprise that extends its sales to many other countries.

The natural beauty of this country is reflected in the beauty of its jewels. Noted for exceptional workmanship in silver jewelry finished in antique designs, the Thai jewelry trade has developed into modern styles as well. Skilled gem cutters and artisans have helped to turn the Thai jewelry trade, supported by the Thai government, into one of vast importance for the country.

Thai jewelry is well-known for fine craftsmanship and intricate designs. The beauty of each piece has led to a trade that has flourished and continues to do so. Hand finished jewelry pieces are of such exquisite beauty that Thai jewelry is considered some of the finest in the world. Older pieces, rare and elegant, are difficult to come by today.

Thai traditions are important in the development of the jewelry trade as an integral part of Thai industry. Traditional beliefs suggest that wearing certain gemstones can bring good luck and fortune to the individual wearing them. In fact, depending on the day of the week that a person is born, a particular gemstone is to be worn, as well as particular colors of clothing. Fortune and success can also be harnessed by wearing jewelry that has gemstones associated with a particular month of birth. Many other countries believe and follow this traditional belief as well.

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