Hotels in Tokyo

Japan is a country that I’ve always wanted to visit.I’ve heard that the cost of living there is very high (possibly the highest in Asia).Japan is a very small country but the population is huge.They don’t have enough land so most of the apartments, hotels rooms are really small and expensive too.

So if you are travelling on a budget, then you have to find cheap Hotels in Tokyo. Tokyo is a very vibrant city, full of energy and people.You can find rooms from as low as USD 66 at Hotels in Tokyo.You can read the descriptions of the hotel and check out the ratings given.They even tell you the location of the hotel and the distant from certain places in Tokyo (LRT stations for example) at the site.

You can use the search function and key in the date of your arrival and also the date of departure and the system will search for hotels that have rooms available on those dates.You can specify the rating of the hotel too.There are lots of things to do/see in Japan.You can pay a visit to Japan Disneyland and try out the authentic,made in Japan sushi.

Besides Hotels in Tokyo, you can search for hotels in other cities in Japan too such as Kyoto or Osaka.Since you are already in Japan, might as well visit the other cities too.

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