Moving Services

February 23rd, 2007

Three years ago, I moved to a new place. I had lots of junks in my old place and I refused to throw them or give them away so I had to move it to the new place too. Obviously my car couldn’t fit all of those stuff, so I had to hire a moving & shipping services.

Some companies offers cargo shipping by air or sea too, so if you are moving to another state, or another country, then you can ship your stuff over. Shipping by sea takes more time, so make sure you ship the important stuff by air. This site is useful as you can ask for a quote before hiring them to move or ship your stuff.

Fill in the details on their site (your phone #, place you are from, where are you moving to, what are you shipping) and they will get back to you as soon as possible. You can read the testimonials of their clients who vouched for their services.

You can move practically anything, from vehicles to boats and the typical household goods.The company specialize in cargo shipping services since 1977, so you don’t have to worry as they will make sure your shipment arrives safely. Once you have shipped your items, you can track the shipment by entering your shipment reference number on the site. Besides that, they provide packing and warehousing services too.

From the testimonials of their clients, it seems that this company is reliable if you are looking for a moving or shipping services.

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Cheap Hotels in Rome

February 16th, 2007

If you are going to Rome for a holiday and you are on a budget, then you should try to locate cheap hotels in Rome for accommodation.This site offers up to 80% discount on some Rome hotels.

You can read a brief description of each hotel at the site.They will tell you where’s the location of the hotels and where is it near to.It’s also rated with # of stars.There’s 3 stars hotel and 4 and 5 stars.You can check whether there are any free rooms at the hotels in Rome at the site by entering your arrival and departure date and you can also specify the # of stars of the hotels that you would like to stay in.

Hotels in Tokyo

February 1st, 2007

Japan is a country that I’ve always wanted to visit.I’ve heard that the cost of living there is very high (possibly the highest in Asia).Japan is a very small country but the population is huge.They don’t have enough land so most of the apartments, hotels rooms are really small and expensive too.

So if you are travelling on a budget, then you have to find cheap Hotels in Tokyo. Tokyo is a very vibrant city, full of energy and people.You can find rooms from as low as USD 66 at Hotels in Tokyo.You can read the descriptions of the hotel and check out the ratings given.They even tell you the location of the hotel and the distant from certain places in Tokyo (LRT stations for example) at the site.

You can use the search function and key in the date of your arrival and also the date of departure and the system will search for hotels that have rooms available on those dates.You can specify the rating of the hotel too.There are lots of things to do/see in Japan.You can pay a visit to Japan Disneyland and try out the authentic,made in Japan sushi.

Besides Hotels in Tokyo, you can search for hotels in other cities in Japan too such as Kyoto or Osaka.Since you are already in Japan, might as well visit the other cities too.

Barcelona Hotels

January 27th, 2007

If you are going to Barcelona, Spain for your next holiday, then you might want to pay this site a visit.

You can make reservations on Barcelona Hotels and the prices are cheap and reasonable.You can look at the rating for each hotel and the description (where is it located etc).You can check the availability of the rooms by entering your arrival and departure dates.

Some hotels even offer a football package which includes 2 guaranteed match tickets for FC Barcelona.The details given are very helpful and you can even chat with the site’s representative or you can give them a call.So if you are looking for Hotels in Barcelona, then pay a visit to the site.

Cheap Flights

January 9th, 2007

Some people prefer to book their holidays online, and that includes accomodation, flights and car rental.Usually it’s cheaper if you book those online.I think I have blogged about cheap accomodations before so let’s see where can we get some cheap flights.

For cheap flights, check out Monarch Airlines.With this airline, you can book extra legroom space so that you can be more comfortable when flying.We all know how cramped it can get in the plane unless you are flying first or business class.

Monarch Airlines has a frequent flyers program too.From their site, you can book cheap flights for 10 months in advance or you can give them a call too, but some of their seats are cheaper if you book it online.

Cheap Hotels in London

December 27th, 2006

Some people prefer to book the flights and accommodation online rather than going through a travel agent.And in most cases, it’s cheaper to book them online.

If you are traveling to London, then you might need Cheap Hotels in London.

The site offers Cheap London Hotels as they have their own inventory and they deal with the hotels directly.

There’s no hidden cost or additional charges if you choose to book London Hotels through the site.You book the rooms on a per night basis and not on a per person basis.VAT is already include in the rates.