Barcelona Hotels

January 27th, 2007

If you are going to Barcelona, Spain for your next holiday, then you might want to pay this site a visit.

You can make reservations on Barcelona Hotels and the prices are cheap and reasonable.You can look at the rating for each hotel and the description (where is it located etc).You can check the availability of the rooms by entering your arrival and departure dates.

Some hotels even offer a football package which includes 2 guaranteed match tickets for FC Barcelona.The details given are very helpful and you can even chat with the site’s representative or you can give them a call.So if you are looking for Hotels in Barcelona, then pay a visit to the site.

Shopping Online

January 22nd, 2007

Sometimes when I have some extra cash in my paypal, I would spend it buying stuff online. So far, I have bought a headphone, bodyspray, cds among other stuff. Usually, the prices would be cheaper if you get it online but sometimes, after you include the shipping price, it would probably even out.

I know some people who buy their cellphones online, or cars online, or even buy motorcycle online. I suppose buying those stuff online can save you some money. I have tried bidding on some online auction sites before but I always lose it for some reasons. I usually set a limit on the max amount I would pay and if the bidding goes beyond that amount, then I would stop bidding.

Cheap Holidays

January 20th, 2007

When I travel, I always check for flights availability on those budget, no frill airlines first as the prices are much cheaper than those huge airlines. Recently I managed to get some flight tickets to a neighboring country for $25. If I had chosen another airline, it would have cost me $200. I saved $175 and that money could be use to cover my lodging expenses.

Of course, cheap dosen’t necessarily means good but as long as the service provided are satisfactory, then there’s really nothing to complain about.Besides flights, I also try to look for cheap hotels too. I don’t really like those backpacker style kind of place so I always have to look for a nice and affordable hotel. So I always go for cheap holidays.

Those who are looking for cheap holidays can visit this site. It’s about time to plan your 2007 summer vacation now if you want to get good deals. You can go for a cheap holiday in the Canaries, Caribbean (if you would like some sunshine), Egypt, Turkey, Greece or Cyprus.

They provide great deals on flights and hotel.You can do a search on the site and enter the destination, dates, length of stay, number of people going etc. You can even specify the resort you would like to stay in. If you are unsure on where you want to stay yet, you can just enter the destination name. If you need a car to pick you up from the airport, they provide airport transfer too. There’s a phone number on the site so you can always call them up personally to inquire about the cheap holidays they offer.

Air Asia offering Free Flights

January 9th, 2007

To those who are planning to travel to Asia, AirAsia is offering free flights right now.No kidding.You just have to pay the taxes.

Grab your free tix fast but currently the site keeps giving error as there are probably thousand others who are trying to book their free seats too.

Cheap Flights

January 9th, 2007

Some people prefer to book their holidays online, and that includes accomodation, flights and car rental.Usually it’s cheaper if you book those online.I think I have blogged about cheap accomodations before so let’s see where can we get some cheap flights.

For cheap flights, check out Monarch Airlines.With this airline, you can book extra legroom space so that you can be more comfortable when flying.We all know how cramped it can get in the plane unless you are flying first or business class.

Monarch Airlines has a frequent flyers program too.From their site, you can book cheap flights for 10 months in advance or you can give them a call too, but some of their seats are cheaper if you book it online.