international health insurance

September 26th, 2006

The Chinese used to be very superstitious about buying insurance.For them,buying insurance is like inviting disasters.

What they don’t realise is that there are many types of coverages offered by insurance companies nowadays, such as dental, surgery and travel.

Most insurance companies have different plans for different types of people.If you are an individual or if you have a family , then you might want to go for the individual plan.

If you have a family but you are living abroad or you travel regularly , then the family plan will suit you better and it will be more cost effective too.

For travelers , it is advised that they purchase an Expat Medical Insurance before they go for holidays.Just in case if anything happens, they do not have to worry on the cost of medical bills at hospitals abroad.

However if you are already covered with an insurance plan , then make sure you check if the coverage is international.

Things To See In Malaysia

September 25th, 2006

If you are planning on taking a vacation in the near future, I recommend that you travel to Malaysia. Malaysia is a beautiful place to really enjoy yourself. There are plenty of places that you can visit while you are there if you are traveling to site-see. If you prefer to just relax, there are plenty of places devoted to that past time as well.

In all actuality, Malaysia is a place that all nature lovers should visit because it has pristine beaches, tropical islands, haunting caves and untamed jungles. The natural beauty of Malaysia will open your senses and capture your heart.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the hub of Malaysia and is often overlooked by tourists. This is a mistake as there is a lot to see that will take your breath away including:

1) Petronas Twin Towers

2) Sultan Abdul Samad Building which is full of Victorian and Moorish architectural styles.

3) Tasek Perdana Lake Gardens which is a perfect place to have a picnic with your family or enjoy a nice walk.

4) Parliament House

5) National Monument

6) National Museum which is the home to many historical exhibits and also houses craftwork from many different parts of the nation and a wide variety of architectural styles that make it so unique.

7) National Mosque which is surrounded by spectacular lawns and elegant fountains that decorate the lawn like a Christmas tree, as strange as that may sound. The National Mosque was built in 1965; the dome on the Mosque is in the shape of an eighteen point star to represent the thirteen states in the country and the five central pillars of Islam.

8) Old Chinese Clan House where Chan See Yuen lived.

9) The Friday Mosque which is located in the middle of the Klang and Gombak rivers is the most popular place to visit in the city. A great place to watch the sun set.

Kuala Lumpur also offers many eating and shopping opportunities.

Magnificent Caves and Parks

1) The Batu Caves are located north of the city of Kuala Lumpur. They can be reached by climbing two hundred and seventy two steps. Wow, that is a lot of steps, isn’t it? These caves house the Hindu Shrine of Lord Subramanian.

2) The Museum Caves are full of brightly colored statues and murals from Hindu mythology.

3) Templar Park is nothing but all natural rainforest that is bubbling with beauty for everyone to see. It is full of jungle paths, swimming lagoons and waterfalls that all lie within the park boundaries. A magical place, indeed.

4) Malaysia’s agricultural park which is located in Shah Alam, Selangor at Cherakah has a large play area for all the skateboarders and roller skaters out there. If you have teens with you, this is the place for them.

Overall, Malaysia is a wonderful place to take a vacation. It is still considered exotic, but is becoming more of a mainstream destination as it gains in popularity.

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China - Shanghai, Bustling Boom Town

September 19th, 2006

Like many international metropoli composed of immigrants, Shanghai is a bustling boom town. Rapidly becoming a world economic powerhouse, there is more construction occurring in Shanghai than anywhere else on Earth.

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Places to visit in Shanghai

September 15th, 2006

There is one place in Shanghai most people won’t visit. Of course you have to go to the Bund and see the old colonial buildings. And don’t forget to climb the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and have a look around in the Shanghai Museum on People’s Square. All neatly described as the highlights of the Paris of the East.

If you have done all these, it’s time to see another part of Shanghai, actually a basement of an apartment building. Here you’ll find the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Museum.

It’s not flashy, it’s just old posters that give you a glimpse into life during the Cultural Revolution (1966–1969). The period that Mao Zedong reigned China and the country suffered tremendously. The owner, if around, is a friendly older man who is happy to explain to you the stories behind the posters and relate them to the reality at that time. There is small shop where you can buy real posters and other memorabilia from that period.

Fed with all this history it’s time for some good food and drinks. You can find a lot of information in this guide of Shanghai where you can go.

China’s Qinghai-Tibet Railroad Touches the Skies

September 10th, 2006

Tibetan mountain ranges and landscapes are home to an immense diversity of species of rare plants and birds. Tibetan forests are also famous for its tremendous spectrum of herbs for Chinese medicines. But due to the freezing temperatures and geographical altitudes, China’s tourist access to Tibet region has been very limited until recently.

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