Eight Places to Meet Women in Beijing

October 24th, 2006

As China’s largest city, there are many different bars and restaurants in Beijing, covering all genres of nightlife. Bar-goers tend to be expatriates, foreign students, businessmen, white collar workers, artists, and university students. Most of the bars and restaurants in Beijing provide a unique aesthetic ambience and great service. There are a large variety of bars in Beijing and several of them have their own unique gimmicks: “the bus bar”, for example, is located in an old bus; “the football bar” is a football-themed bar; and “the movie bar” is a venue where patrons can enjoy a large numbers of Western and Chinese movie. However, for bar-goers who are more interested in the people, specifically the ladies, than the atmosphere, listed below are some of the best bars in Beijing for singles:

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Top 10 Vacations To Find Romance

October 11th, 2006

Both singles and couples can enjoy a fabulous time at any of the following locations. These locations are among the top known for romance and often have many ammenities catering to a great time for two.

1. Winter Park, Colorado

The origional ideal ski resort vacation. If youre feeling a bit chilly you can dip into the hot tub and socialize with other visitors. In the evening you can stop by the buffet table catered to by a gourmet chef. It’s a warm social atmostphere that is very condusive to wining and dining.

2. Island of Crete, Greece

A secluded area of the world, the island of Crete is surrounded by high mountains and lush forests. Enjoy a vacation on the beach with other singles or interact with the locals. Cretan cuisine is especially good and there are numerous cafes and shops you can visit.

3. British Virgin Islands

The clear waters surrounding the Virgin Islands relax and clear the mind. Plenty of lovebirds take the opportunity to relax on a yacht or boat. You can even rent a yacht for a day with plenty of ammenities onboard including champagne. Cool off by scuba diving with tropical fish.

4. Miami, Florida

Not ready for a far away adventure just yet? Miami has all the night life you can handle. South Beach is a notorious spot for summer vacations for girls and guys. You can have a drink right on the beach by one of the cabanas. At night enjoy the hot clubs and elegant restaurants that dot the strip.

5. Jamaica

A great travel destination, Jamaica boasts great resorts, hotels, and stunning scenery. There, you can find the worlds number one golf course and two beautiful sandy beaches. Just a word of warning that you should have your innoculations before traveling to this hotspot.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii has always been a crowd pleaser due to its natural beauty. You might want to visit the legendary Volcano National Park, or just take a stroll by the seaside hotel. Surfers will enjoy the killer waves, as will wind surfers. Water skiing is also an option. At night, the singles life is great and you can participate in a luau. Hawaii is home to numerous species of beautifully colored butterflies as well.

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Portugal, Europe at Its Best

October 8th, 2006

Portugal has gained its independence over 800 years ago, and as such, is amongst the oldest, and most interesting countries in europe.

It is situated on the west of the Iberian Peninsula, and this Atlantic facing location was to play a major part in Portugal’s cultural and economic development.

Explorers from portugal dominated the Elizabethan age of exploration and developed business links with the the Indian subcontinent and the far east. As a consequence, Portugal soon became one of the richest and politically powerful nations in early europe.

Portugal enjoys the advantage of a sunny climate and distinct natural countryside which has made Portugal into one of the most popular countries for a quiet stay in a relaxing vacation villa. In addition to the many luxury holiday villas and apartments, Portugal also offers an ideal environment for followers of water sports and golf.

Portugal is veritably a wonderful place to take a vacation.

If you are planning on visiting portugal to take a holiday, here are a few interesting snippets of information that will help you:

* Portugal is the world’s most famous supplier of cork.

* Portugal is an easy place to lose your heart in.

* Portugal is a growing capitalist economy with a per capita GDP two-thirds that of the four big West European economies.

* Despite its turbulent past Portugal is a stable country.

* Contrary to popular belief, Portugal is not a Mediterranean country, but an Atlantic nation, and it is proud of it, too.

* The only country that borders Portugal is Spain, and the Portuguese are proud to define themselves as ‘anything but panish’.

A holiday in Portugal may be the most wonderful holiday of your life.

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Tips For A Great Travel Spain

October 1st, 2006

Although many people think of travel Spain vacations as a summer destination, there is plenty to do in all seasons. There are many unique experiences and attractions to enjoy at all times of the year. Outdoor activities such as skiing, water sports and rock climbing are great for the nature lover. Museums, old churches and festivals allow you to experience the history and culture of this unique country.

Travel Spain Outdoor Activities

While many people think of outdoor activities as confined to the summer, there is plenty to do all year in Spain. Depending on the area you visit, there are activities available in all seasons to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

The beaches and sun make the Mediterranean coast a popular tourist destination. The Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol are the most popular spots for enjoying the beaches and water sports in the summer months. The weather is sunny and hot. There are a large number of resorts and spas in both the large cities and small towns of the Mediterranean coast.

Running with the Bulls is another popular summer attraction in the summer. This festival is celebrated in the month of July. The festival attracts people from all over the world. If you are brave, you may want to participate in running with the bulls. Otherwise, you can observe the event and join in with the other parts of the festival.

Skiing is a popular attraction in many of the mountain areas of Spain. Some of the top resorts for winter sports are located in this country. There are excellent ski resorts in Aragon, Torremolinos, Malaga and Catabunya. Skiing can be enjoyed in various areas from the early winter through late spring months.

The late spring is an interesting time to go skiing in the mountains near the Mediterranean coast. At this time of the year, there is snow in the higher elevations. The weather outside the mountain range is warm and sunny. In this area, you can go skiing in the morning hours and enjoy the beach in the afternoon.

Rock climbing and hiking are popular outdoor activities in many areas of Spain. There are several sites throughout the country that are popular with avid climbers. You can go on a rock climbing tour or with a private group. Tours are a good idea for less experienced climbers. Many include some basic instruction in rock climbing.

Travel Spain Attractions

There are many world renowned museums in cities around Spain. Madrid and Barcelona are home to several large museums. Other smaller cities and villages are home to museums which showcase the art and history of the country. These give you the opportunity to experience the culture and history of each region.

Spain is home to a large number of festivals. Many of these are held in the spring and summer seasons. There are a variety of processions, patron saint festivals and religious celebrations in local villages. Several towns have summer music festivals. These are a great way to interact with locals and enjoy the local customs. There are processions during the day and parties at night during many of these festivals.

Holy Week activities are popular attractions in the spring months. These are held in towns and cities all over this predominantly catholic nation. There are plays, processions and activities that commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. Catholics from all over the world visit Spain during Holy Week. They are interesting to many non Catholics as well. There are festivals held surrounding the Holy Week activities throughout the country.

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