A Costa Rican Fairytale: Beauty and the Beach

June 17th, 2006

Costa Rica literally translates into “Rich Coast,” so named by Columbus for the gold necklaces worn by the native people when he arrived in the early 16th century. However misleading the name might have been for gold hunters, it appropriately describes Costa Rica’s copious coastline, which is an endless paradise for surfers, scuba divers and those in need of tranquil relaxation.

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Travel to Brazil, Go for the Thrill

June 16th, 2006

Brazil is the largest and most dynamic South American country, bordering all but two of the continent’s other nations. In Brazil, wild Amazon adventures can be coupled with stimulating city sights and leisurely beach escapades. Brazil’s Portuguese colonization along with its participation in the Atlantic triangle slave trade with Africa produced a fusion of cultures that is celebrated today in the form of fantastic food, unmatched festivals, eclectic music beats and a diverse national identity that is finally being embraced.

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Travel to Central America: A Cradle of Early Civilization

June 2nd, 2006

This fascinating destination of the Americas had been cultivated by thriving agrarian cultures for 3,000 years before Europe’s arrival in the New World. The modern existence of more than eight ancient cultures can still be found today and a triumphant preservation movement of these indigenous people is underway. Central America offers mesmerizing insight into the beauty of life and tradition that has sustained centuries of repression, shifting political alliances and some of nature’s mightiest forces.

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Choosing Your Venetian Mask

March 5th, 2006

If you are attending any kind of masked ball or fancy dress party the choice of facial wear is vital to your success.

Venetian masks are available in a huge variety of colors, designs and shapes but can also be bought plain ready to be decorated yourself. I am going to be looking at the types that are available and who would best suit which type.

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