Travel to Mexico, Caribbean, Canada - Passport Required for US Citizens

December 13th, 2006

If you are planning to travel to Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, South America, Central America or the Caribbean on or after Jan 8 2007 by air, you need to have a passport.

For land and seaport travel, this requirement will take effect in June 1 2009.

For more information on getting a passport, visit this site.


Britain’s Heritage Cities

December 12th, 2006

One of Britain’s Heritage City - Brighton is a place that you must visit when you are in Britain.Brighton is about 50 miles away from London.

Over at Brighton, you can pay a visit to the Brighton Marina, Kipling Garden,Palace Pier, Royal Pavilion, Preston Manor among others.There’s a beachfront here and it is also known as City by the Sea. You can also do plenty of shopping here.

Apart from Brighton, one should also visit Bath which is a World Heritage Site and also Oxford when one is in Britain.

Houses Abroad

December 9th, 2006

Sometimes, when you travel to a certain place, you might fall in love with the place (seriously) because of the scenery, or the people, or the life there and you are thinking of migrating to the country you are in love with.

Before actually packing all your bags and moving, you need to find Properties to buy Abroad first.The site has a list of properties available for sale in Europe.Instead of going there yourself and finding a real estate agent to look for a property for you, why not look for it yourself online first?

If you are interested, then only you contact the property owner or the estate agent of the property.It saves a lot of time as you don’t have to go and look at the Houses Abroad a real estate agent will pick for you and you will probably ending up not liking most or all of the houses the agent picked.

Besides,it could also be an investment when you buy Properties Overseas.

Bali Gets The Heat Back

December 2nd, 2006

The local flag carrier Garuda Indonesia operating ten daily services from Jakarta to Bali is fully booked for Christmas – New Year period. They even have added an extra 2,000 seats to meet the high demand. Local private airliner flying Jakarta – Denpasar route confirmed similar situation.

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Travel to Asia

December 2nd, 2006

Traveling abroad to Asia can be a great experience. Safety should always be a priority anywhere you go. Many people forget about safety while traveling. While most people have no problems, theft and other types of crime do that place. There are precautions you can take to help ensure a safe trip. Make a list of your traveler’s checks with the amounts and serial numbers. Make sure you write down the name and phone number of the instantiation who issued them. Keep this list in your hotel room or other safe place separate from the actual traveler’s checks. It will make replacing them faster and easier. You may consider leaving a list of this information with a reliable person at home for security as well.

The US Consular at the US Embassy is a valuable resource available to you. They will work to help solve any issues that arise. They work very closely with the hospitals, police, and other agencies to ensure your needs are met.

Think safety while packing. Dress basic and conservatively. Don’t take expensive items of clothing or jewelry with you. Such items may attract thieves putting you at risk of being robbed or seriously injured.

Do not take cash with you on your trip. Instead, take travelers checks and two credit cards. It is a good idea to keep one credit card on you, and leave one in your hotel room. This way if you lose it or get robbed, you will have another type of funds available quickly. Carry your wallet in your front pocket for saver keeping. For women, place your purse strap over your shoulder and across your neck to the other side as added protection from having it snatched.

If possible carry an extra pair of glasses and extra medications. Pack them in separate bags from each other. If some of your luggage is lost, then you will still have these important items. It is recommended that you take all medications in their original bottles with your doctor’s instructions in case any such items appear to be questionable. It is a good idea to make a copy of your passport in case your original gets lost or stolen.

It is a good idea to travel with at least one other person. If you do travel alone, make sure someone knows your itinerary including all places you intend to visit. The more detailed the better. Check in at least twice per day. This will make getting assistance to you much easier if such a need should arise. Consider paying extra to stay at a hotel that is in a well lit area with security in place.

Budget Ski Vacation

December 2nd, 2006

When you start thinking about ski vacations, you will find a lot of information about various resorts and packages. Finding terrific vacation spots isn’t difficult, however, finding ski vacations that fit into your budget can be a challenge.

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