How To Have A Kauai Getaway - On A Budget

November 17th, 2006

So you want to visit Kauai, Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places on the earth, but it just doesn’t seem possible financially. I’ve been there and it is certainly worth the visit, so it is just a matter of figuring out how to make it happen.

As you plan your getaway to Kauai, Hawaii, it would be wise to think about the best times of year to travel. I’m not talking about the weather; I’m talking about traveling during the least expensive time of the year. Numerous people dream of taking a vacation in Hawaii, and while the location of the islands makes it a gorgeous spot all year, there are periods of the year to vacation that are significantly less costly than others. If you know when to travel and different opportunities to save money, you should be able to have an incredible Hawaiian getaway on a budget.

Here are some examples. During the fall, when school has just gone back, is a great moment to travel because typically, airfares and hotel is less expensive. The low-season in Kauai is mid September through mid December and January through May. During the high-season air, car rental and hotel tend to go up, especially in the summer months. Many times this period of time can be full months in advance. Because of this, you should getaway during the low-season when you can get a bigger savings. What are some of the other benefits of traveling “off-season”? Well, consider not having to share the small island with as many people or the exceptional weather that they have in Kauai year round. Seeing as Hawaii is one of the best locales for sunshine and vacation activities all year, there is not a compelling rationale not to visit in the off-season.

Beyond the considerable savings on your accommodations and airfare, here are a few other opportunities to keep the cash in your wallet.

More Ways to Save in Kauai

Rent a vacation home rental

Most people choose hotels in Kauai to enjoy for their vacation getaway. However, this is a more costly route and they don’t present the same comforts and privacy that a villa or condo could offer. In additional, hotels in Kauai are extremely costly, considerably more so than an equivalent cost of renting a condo or home for a week or more. There are a tremendous amount of villas, homes and condos to rent on Kauai with amenities like ocean front view, tons of extra’s, luxury kitchens, and so much more. in addition, there are villas, cottages and homes you could rent with anywhere from one to 8 bedrooms or more, accomadating just about any size group that you can bring with you.

Should you have an interest in renting a Kauai vacation home or villa, there are many places online that you can search to find a tremendous amount of options offered. This will allow you to locate the options that are the perfect size, with all the options you would like, without destroying that pocketbook. Don’t forget that when you take your vacation will be key in how expensive, or inexpensive, it will be. Try to figure out a time to visit in the off-season when it will cost less than if you go in the middle of the primary travel season for Kauai.

Finally, consider other options while preparing and taking you Kauai vacation. Don’t eat out every meal if you don’t have it in the budget as that can get expensive. When you get to the island, visit the grocery store, pick up the items that you need to help keep you and the family fed for however long you are going to be on the island. Eating out 3 times a day gets expensive. The beauty of a vacation home rental is that you typically have a kitchen and a full size refrigerator. Eating out only one time every one to two days can save you hundreds of dollars over a week’s time. Other ideas for cost savings are searching the web for travel discounts, being careful not to get the shopping bug while on the island and maybe just find a few keepsakes of your vacation.

If you put these things into practice for your Kauai getaway, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars over just a 7-14 day trip.

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Best of Hawaii: Itinerary Ideas for the Traveler

July 14th, 2006

Want to do specific activities in Hawaii but have no idea which island has the best of the best? Use these lists to get ideas and helpful tips about the best surfing, scuba diving, exotic beaches, and much more!

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Maui Vacation Homes: Your Booking Options

May 26th, 2006

Are you interested in visiting Maui this year or next? If so, have you decide where you want to stay yet? If you are like many other vacationers, there is a good chance that you may be looking to book at stay at a Maui vacation home. Maui vacation homes, also commonly referred to as Maui vacation rentals, are ideal for vacationers who are looking for the comfort of home, while on a Hawaiian vacation. If a Maui vacation home is what you are looking for, do you know how to go about booking your stay? You may be surprised to know that you have a number of different options.

When it comes to vacations, even Maui vacations, there are a number of travelers who rely on the assistance of a travel agent. If you are looking to obtain the services of a travel agent you can easily do so by finding a travel agent online or by finding one locally. Whichever type of travel agent you choose, it is likely that they could not only help you choose the Maui vacation rental of your dreams, but they could also help you plan your whole Hawaii vacation.

Although travel agents are a great way to save time and money, when it comes to booking a Maui vacation rental, did you know that you have other options? One of those options is booking your own stay. What is nice about making your own reservations is that you can take the time to closely examine all of your options. This may allow you to find an available Maui vacation rental that a travel agent may have missed. Perhaps, the best way to go about booking your next Maui vacation rental is by using the internet. Online, you can, literally, find an unlimited number of Hawaii vacation rentals to choose from.

When using the internet, to book a stay at a Maui vacation home, you will find that you have you a number of different options. Those options include booking a stay directly with a vacation home owner or by using an online vacation rental company. For the largest selection of Maui vacation homes to choose from, it may be a good idea to use the services of a professional online booking company. These companies typically allow you to search for Hawaii vacation rentals in the area that you plan on visiting, such as Maui. In addition to searching by location, you should also be able to search by affordability, as well as by services and onsite facilities.

As previously mentioned, you can also book your next Maui vacation home rental by directly contacting a vacation home owner. You can easily find a number of these vacation home owners online, often with a standard internet search. As nice as it is to deal directly with the individual or company who you would be renting the vacation home from, you are advised to proceed with caution. Most online vacation rental websites, as well as most travel agents, take the time to thoroughly examine a vacation home before offering reservations to you and other travelers. This is not only to protect their interests, but your vacation as well. Before making a reservation directly with a Maui vacation home owner, it is important that you know exactly what you are getting, as well as what the full costs will be.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you should easily be able to book a Maui vacation home rental, for your next Hawaii vacation. As you likely already know, Maui vacation homes come preferred over most hotel and resorts, even the most highly rated ones. Essentially, this means that whether you book at stay at an affordable Maui vacation home or a luxury one, you will likely be pleased with your decision.

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21 Exciting Maui Activities

March 23rd, 2006

There are a multitude of reasons to choose Maui for your next vacation destination. It could be to enjoy its 30 plus world-class beaches, experience its breath-taking vistas including incredible sunrises and sunsets, discover a tropical paradise, or to just relax and get away from it all. Part of Maui’s lure is that it offers such a wide variety of activities,
many family-oriented. Below I’ve summarized 21 exciting Maui activities available to visitors in no particular order.

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Lovers: What A Luxury Maui Vacation Can Do For You

December 11th, 2005

Are you and your partner interested in taking a romantic getaway? Whether you are already married or if you have yet to make it official, did you know that Maui vacations come highly rated and recommended, especially if you are looking for a romantic vacation destination? For that reason, you may want to examine what you and your partner can do, while on a romantic Maui getaway.

Even if you are relatively unfamiliar with Maui, you likely already know about its beautiful beaches. In fact, it is often said that the beaches are one of the reasons why so many vacationers make the decision to head to Maui. In addition to basking on the shoreline, you can enjoy a number of other exciting, yet romantic excursions along the beach or even in the water. You and your partner may enjoy boarding a guided boat tour, as well as snorkeling or scuba diving along the coast. Whether you are in the water, above it, or along the shoreline, you will find that the ocean waves create a romantic environment, one that you will likely remember till the end of time.

Although it is more than possible to spend your whole vacation, whether it be four days or four weeks, along the shoreline, you may wish for something more. If that is the case, you and your partner may enjoy Maui from the sky. Each day, depending on the weather, numerous Maui helicopter tours take off. For a relatively affordable price, you and your partner may be able to see and enjoy Maui from a whole new perspective. What you will see is often hard to explain; it is so beautiful that words cannot explain. However, one thing is for sure, Maui helicopter tours are the best way to make the most out of your next romantic Maui vacation. As with the above mentioned shoreline and ocean activities, it is an experience that you will likely never forget.

While it is important to examine the activities and attractions that you can see, while on a romantic Maui vacation, it is also important to examine where you can stay. In fact, where you choose to stay may present a whole other set of fun, but romantic activities for you and your partner to participate in. When on a romantic Maui vacation, many vacationers choose to stay at luxury hotels or resorts. What is nice about most Maui luxury resorts is that they have everything that you need, right onsite. Most Maui luxury resorts come equipped with swimming pools, fitness centers, saunas, hot tubs, beauty salons, restaurants, as well as golf courses. In fact, if you choose to stay at a Maui luxury resort, there is a good chance that you may never want to leave the premises.

In addition to staying at a luxury resort, you may also enjoy spending your romantic Maui vacation at a Maui luxury villa. Maui luxury villas have been known to create the ultimate romantic environment. Although you might not have access to as many onsite services and facilities, as you would if you were staying at a luxury resort, you will find that many Maui luxury villas are still absolutely amazing. In fact, depending on which villa you choose to rent, you may have access to a swimming pool, sauna, or a hot tub. If you would prefer to have a swimming pool, be sure to search for Maui luxury villas that have one. You can easily tailor your search to ensure that you get what you want.

Once you have officially decided that a Maui vacation is right for you and your partner, you are advised to get started. The sooner you book your reservations, the sooner the romance will come to you.

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